How does your pricing work?

For us, price is often determined from amount of detail and time required rather than scale. Adding shadows, outlines, effects, etc. means more time to paint. We try to give a low-to-high end range for each job, and to determine what is right for you. If you have a fixed budget, it can be helpful for us to know outright so we can design accordingly to accommodate. We will always give a price quote before work begins.

Is hand-painted always more expensive?

Not necessarily! Often we can price in line with vinyl. Sometimes, such as with paper signs or banners, hand-painted can be even cheaper than vinyl or printed materials.

How long will my sign last?

Every sign, regardless of how it is made, will fade over time. However, where vinyl tends to peel, crack, and chip, paint tends to age much more gracefully, fading over time and revealing brush strokes. Depending on location, this could take years or decades.

Do you provide artwork, or can I supply my own?

We love to design our work, but we welcome artwork and ideas as well! If you’d like your logo or artwork painted, we just ask for a good quality PDF. Keep in mind some changes might need to be made to better translate from digital to paint. We can color match specific colors as accurately as possible to ensure your sign matches your brand standards. We welcome Pantone or CMYK color swatches as reference if available.

Do you do design work?

Absolutely! Hand-lettering can be incorporated into digital design as well, and is a great way to add a human touch to computer-generated graphics.

What is the process for ordering a sign?

Send us an email or give us a call and describe what you are looking for. Reference materials are always welcome. Our next step will be to survey the site if the job requires installation or on-site work. We can then provide a more accurate appraisal and begin developing artwork if necessary. We will then provide full sketches or mock-ups of the sign. Once the artwork is approved, we get to work.

Can you restore/replicate old signs?

Yes! Some old signs just need a fresh coat of paint. We love the challenge of working within certain styles or eras, and can recreate lettering and processes to be period-specific. We can also paint signs to look weathered or aged through a variety of processes. This is one of our favorite types of signs to do!

Do I need a permit?

It depends- window signs and interior work need no permit, but some large-scale outdoor work does. We are licensed and insured, and can work through the permit process to ensure your sign is up to all codes and regulations.

Do you travel?

We do! We have quick access to anywhere in Northern/ Central Minnesota, and the Dakotas. We welcome jobs anywhere!

Do you fabricate signs?

We fabricate our custom wood signs in-house using MDO plywood. When properly sealed and painted, MDO is very durable. For metal signs, we use aluminum composite panels, a lightweight sign material that can be custom cut. If metalwork or other specialized fabrication is required, we outsource locally.

Can you paint on ___________?

Most likely- we welcome any unique challenges or projects!