Year In Review!

    What a year it has been! It’s incredibly difficult to smash an entire year into one blog post. So I won’t even try! In this post I want to touch upon a few important people we met and a few awesome experiences we had this year.  

    What really kicked us into new growth is going through our name change. Formerly Notorious Signs, we felt it was the right time to spearhead this rebranding to help us pass along the idea of what we do and how we create with just the name alone. Upper Hand Signs is what was chosen after A LOT of thinking and trial and error. It was like a lightbulb turned on when it came up. It. Just. Makes. So. Much. Sense.

    The new year came with new opportunities. We were honored to receive an Individual Arts Grant from The Arts Partnership to attend a Sign Painting workshop. We did a write up of our experience in our previous blog post. You should check it out! It was amazing! 

    This year was full of people we met who we now look up to. Butch “Superfrog” Anton, “Bazooka” Joe Balabusko, Mark Ripley, Fred Garnes, and Todd from Hawley. Just to name a few. All of these men have proved to us that the trade is still alive and kicking. The older generation is making it more accessible to others and younger generations to learn and help keep the trade alive. It can not be understated about how incredibly humbling it is to be around if you want to learn. They take the time to explain steps and processes to you so you can take what they know and expand on that. It was truly an amazing time and experience picking their brains about what you want to know. Included below are a few pictures that were taken at the Geezer Gathering in the summer.

    Also, we’ve moved! We are now located at 11 8th St. S. We really love our new space, and our landlord Lee even drops by to chat lettering and paint! If you want to visit just give Cory a call at 701-361-5965. 

    A first for us happened almost 2 months ago. We got our first piece of publicity about us and our sign shop as a full page spread in The Forum no less! If you want to read the story it’s linked here. We want to extend our thanks again to Chelsey and everyone at The Arts Partnership for giving us that awesome and rewarding platform to spread our passion to the community. 

    Finally, we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone we've worked with throughout 2017. We're truly lucky to be a part of an amazing community here, and it's so gratifying to be a small part of making it even better. We cannot wait to see what is in store for us. We enjoyed this year immensely and have learned a ton of new things we can’t wait to put into production. Looking forward to 2018! Below are a few photos from the 2017 Geezer Gatherin'. Thanks for lookin'!


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